Luminous Smart Buildings


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Great Investment

Can create positive customer and client relations as well as saving maintenance costs

Outstanding Support

With over 25 years of experience in consumer, SMB, and enterprise organisations, the team at Luminous will take care of you

Any building

Our Luminous solution can be retrofitted to almost any building

Ready to Go

It doesn’t matter if you want a single floor, building or an entire satellite of offices, Luminous is the solution for you

Luminous equals Increased efficiency, improved safety and reduced costs.

Connected + Networked

Luminous connects critical infrastructure to integral staff to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Doesn’t matter if your business is helping tenants run a business, ensure hotel guests have a perfect stay or the safety of hospital staff and visitors.

High Quality

Our installers and technicians only use the highest quality hardware, paired with our unique Luminous platform, ensures the right results and the perfect time


will work for you

Luminous provides real-time alarm and alert notification infrastructure to help hotels, hospitals, commercial and utility premises improve response times and reduce costs with our internationally proven alarm management technology.